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  With college admission becoming increasingly competitive, you are probably trying to think of ways to look better in person and on paper. If you really want to raise some eyebrows, try some of these methods and ideas. Don't fade into the crowd! Read over these 10 ways to wow them and discover which ones may work for you.


  1. Conduct an Independent Study 独立学习

  If you attend a small school you might be operating at a slight disadvantage. Bigger schools can offer specialized courses that really pop on an application. If your school has limited options when it comes to your area of interest, or if you have an opportunity to work one-on-one with a respected scholar, you might want to get together with a teacher and create a made-to-order class designed to impress the toughest critics!


  2. Start a Club 加入俱乐部

  Would you like to be a founding president? That sounds good! If you share a strong interest in a hobby or subject with several friends or fellow students, you may want to consider forming a club. By forming an official organization, you can receive recognition from the public and school officials, and serve as an advocate for other students.


  3. Study Abroad 出国学习

  Do you want to learn a new language or perfect your language skills where the language is spoken? Do you like adventure? Do other cultures interest you? Just imagine how impressive you'll look at your next interview when you have the skills and confidence that you pick up overseas. Choose any country on the planet -- you can probably find a way to earn credit for high school or college there.


  4. Write a Letter to the Editor 给编辑写信

  It doesn't hurt to express yourself and get your name in print. Whether you're motivated by a passionate point of view or you're responding to a class assignment, you can use these guidelines to draft a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine.


  5. Build Your Vocabulary 建立词汇

  Nothing on the planet makes a good impression like a great vocabulary. One of the best things you can do toward preparing for your future and your success is to develop a great vocabulary. One method for building your word power is using two to five new words every week.


  6. Take a Leadership Role 尝试领导者角色

  Business leaders use a system called Critical Path Analysis to plan large-scale business projects. The next time you have the opportunity, take control of a group project and build upon your leadership skills by employing that famous planning method. The results will be rewarding and the experience will look so good on your application!


  7. Express Yourself表达自己

  Teachers and other future letter writers will be able to attest to your communication skills if you learn to raise your hand in class, make relevant comments, and ask questions. This is no time to be shy! Learn to speak up often and say things that will leave a good impression.


  8. Win a Writing Competition 赢得写作比赛

  Lose the self-doubt. Construct a list of essay writing contests and competitions and start writing. The results will be phenomenal. When you enter a writing contact, you will build valuable writing skills that will be the envy of all, and you just might collect some tuition money at the same time!


  9. Conquer Confusing Words and Phrases 掌握难度大的单词和短语

  Students and adults often use the wrong version of a compound word or phrase. For instance, it's important to know the difference between everyday and every day because these expressions have very different meanings. Avoid embarrassment and impress your interviewer by learning the differences between expressions that are very similar but that fill very different roles when it comes to sentence structure.

  学生和成年人经常使用错误版本的词或短语。例如,知道everyday和every day的区别是重要的,这些表达式有非常不同的含义。为了避免尴尬并给面试官留下好的印象,在组织句子时,你需要学习一些常见的易混淆词汇和短语。

  10. Overcome (Or Hide) Your Nervousness 克服你的紧张

  If you're a normal human being, you will start feeling a few butterflies once you've landed that important interview. Nearly everyone experiences nervousness when they perform in some way, whether in giving a speech, taking a test, offering a presentation, or teaching a class. The only difference is that some people hide their nervousness more than others.




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